Custom Follow Focus and Iris Lens Gears

$55 for a Single gear | $109 per Kit of 2 Gears

Custom Order

Contax Zeiss Super Prime Focus Gears Set

Order a follow focus lens gears and get a discount.


CinemodMaster is a team of professionals, specialized in manufacturing the Cinema Metal Lens Gear Ring upgrades and lens accessories for vintage still photo lenses and cinema cameras. We are passionate fans of vintage lenses esthetic look and nostalgic vibes and colors that can be merged with modern sensor technology.

If you feel the same and want to utilize a vintage film look in your indie film production without a “Hollywood” budget – we can help you! Order your DIY Cine Gear¬† Ring upgrade kit or request a custom-made one.

Why to choose the CinemodMaster Lens Mods:

Manufacturing Precision
Our Focus Gears are individually designed to fit your special lens and compatible with any standard 0.8 Module follow focus.
Build Quality
We use the top-notch CNC equipment and the highest quality aluminum alloy and anodizing finish for a bulletproof and smooth finish.
It's Safe and Easy to DIY install Focus Gears. You will never break your lens. No Heat Shrink or Pull on. Reliable mounting (6 set screws)
We can custom design and build the Follow Focus Gear for any lens with up to 110 mm. O.D
Manufacturing Speed
From start to final anodizing our manufacture turnaround for custom orders is about 2 weeks.
Fast Delivery
CinemodMaster delivers worldwide. You can select the most reliable mail agent to get your item delivered in any location fast.
Volume Discounts
We provide Volume Discounts on gear sets. More items you order more production discounted prices will be. We offer wholesale prices for our partners.
If you have a special project idea and you need custom parts. We have huge experience in manufacturing metal parts. We can make highly precise custom parts by your scheme.