Canon nFD Metal Follow Focus Gear Ring | Aperture (IRIS) Gear with a nFD slot


Canon nFD Metal Aperture (IRIS) Gear

  • Width: 6mm (0.23 inches)
  • Gear pitch: 0.8 Mod
  • Material: Anodized Alloy
  • Gear Sizes:
    • 90 Teeth / OD 74mm, ID up to 66 mm
    • 100Teeth / OD 82mm, ID up to 74 mm
    • 108Teeth / OD 88mm, IDup to 80 mm
IRIS with nFD slot
IRIS without slot
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Follow Focus Lens Aperture (IRIS) Gear for Canon nFD lenses.

Seamless 360 degrees precision CNC machined metal gears set.
The lens gears are made for 0.8 MOD Follow Focus Drive Gear for use with professional cinematography follow-focus systems. Seamless Metal Lens Gear Rings for top quality and smooth follow focus performance.
Easy to install without compression rings or heat gun use.
6 set screw mount points provide no-slipping stretch and skipping rigid metal build provides precise rack focusing.

  • Gear pitch: 0.8 MOD
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Precise fit size Seamless Ring (no shims required)
  • Width: 6mm (0.23 inches)
  • Gear pitch: 0.8 Mod
  • Material: Anodized Alloy

Each lens gear ring has 6 threaded holes
Comes with 6xM3 set-screws and a 1.5 Allen key
All follow focus gear is made to order. The production turnaround time is 5-10 days.
We keep low stock quantities in our USA mail agent location and EU-based workshop.
Shipping  (USA):
-(in-stock items) In-stock items 7-10 days USPS  Postal Services.
-(pre-ordered or custom) UPS delivery from Europe (up to 2 weeks)
Shipping (Europe):
(pre-ordered or custom orders) UPS delivery (1-2 weeks)

Safe way to install.

  • before installing the lens gear set the lens focus to infinity.
  • (optional) for permanent installation apply a drop of Medium-Strength Threadlocker, Blue (Loctite 242)
  • drive set-screws into the gear until you will see the tip on the inner side of the metal lens gear.
  • install the rubber stoppers into the hole from the inner side of the lens gear.
  • gently slide the gear on the lens for the desired position
  • evenly screw-in by half-turn every set screws (do not overtighten)

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm
Canon nFD IRIS

IRIS with nFD slot, IRIS without slot

Gear Ring Size

90Teeth/74mm, 100Teeth/82mm, 108Teeth/88mm


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